Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hello From Up Here

Well, this is my first endeavor at blogging. (Probably the most unoriginal first line to a blog ever). At first I thought it was 'logging' until someone cleared that up for me. Blogging is so much easier since no power tools are involved.

The reason for the title of this entry when the blog title clearly states 'The View Down Here' (because I'm only 11 inches tall) is due to the fact that I sit up here, neglected on a shelf. I wait longingly to be taken along on some big adventure somewhere. 

In the mean time, I set up a Twitter account (@RazorGnome) on this computer while everyone is away. One of my favorites to follow is Craig Ferguson (@CraigyFerg). You know, the host of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Funniest show EVER! Thinking of taking a picture of me and Wavy, who sits on a shelf across the room, and sending it to him. If you don't know who Wavy is, you haven't seen Ferguson's show. And you are missing out! Anyway, Wavy is my pal as is a rubber chicken (yes, I have no life).

Stay tuned for pics and more aimless ramblings from a frustrated garden gnome.